Every robby wants to rule the world!

Robonomy is a world domination strategy game, featuring toonish robots as troops. Are you looking for a lighthearted, jolly game that still keeps you on your toes against AI or your friends? Do you like “risky” turn-based strategy games, yet want to try a unique taste? You are in the right place, Commander!


In this turn-based game, each players are robotic factions those inhabit on a hexagonal world. Your purpose is to capture all the hexagons, cleaning your foes from the map. The more hexagons you possess, the more troops you gain each turn. The most important element in Robonomy is the level of the hexagons (1 to 3), represented by stars. They determine how many troops you’ll gain from that hexagon. So yeah, you should focus on capturing the valuable regions!


Robonomy has a toonish, lighthearted art style with colors of a rainbow, making it different from most of the other world-domination strategy games with dark, militaristic tones. But don’t let this cartoonish mise en scène deceive you to think that this is a game merely for kids. We, as players of strategy games, wanted to make a challenging game even the hardcore players would enjoy.









Robonomy was originally developed under the roof of Shooting Star Game Studio (the parent company of Aslan Game Studio) before the split-up that would create Aslan Game Studio.