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Where Does the “Lion” Come From?

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Aslan Game Studio is an indie game studio founded by Ahmet Kâmil Keleş in January 2014. It has been conducting business in METUTECH ATOM, Ankara, Turkey.

(Thanks  to Arxontisa for allowing us to use her tattoo design as logo).

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Meaning of Aslan


Aslan is Turkish word for “lion”. Does studio’s name come from The Chronicles of Narnia? No and yes. The studio’s name would be something related with lions. We are a studio that also focuses on Turkish language support for our future releases, we wanted to use a Turkish word for studio. And we knew that “Aslan” has been a known word after The Chronicles of Narnia.

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Lion is an animal that has been identified with pride, courage and generosity. We won’t be developing a fabrication game that is not above a standart of quality; our best will be done to provide the players the most satisfying experience.

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Lion is also an untamed, carnivore beast. You can see the fragments extracted from the depths of a dark subconscious in our future horror games. One cannot express “good” without “evil”. Or “happiness” without “pain”. Thus, half of Lion’s face is in shades.

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We believe that video games are not merely products of technology, but also potential works of art. Our purpose is to create games with high artistic value, those would leave a permanent mark in players’ minds. We aim for a standart of quality that gives us pride for introducing our product to the world of gaming.

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World of video games needs games of high quality those can make a difference; rather than soulless, fabrication clons. We want to make games those actually possess its own spirit, and able to provide the player an experience she won’t ever forget. Even when our game’s design is based on a classic, well-known idea (like chess), it’s still possible to create a unique game with the right differentiations.


“Artisticallity” is the property of having an artistic value. We are aiming to prove the proposition that game development is a branch of art. Technology is not a purpose, but a tool to perform the art. We are not afraid of using non-existant English words like “artisticallity”, because this is the way something gets created in the first place!

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ahmet   @ aslangamestudio.com