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Winner of Dev2Win Turkey 2014 contest!

Imagine that you are a floating skull who carries a fireball with a magical chain. Here, Alkekopter is that game you can freely swing a chained fireball/mace against your airborne enemies. An addictive, physics-based game that’s easy to learn, hard to master.

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Controls of Alkekopter are quite simple: All you do is drag your finger on the screen; so that you move yourself and control the fireball chained to you. In short time, you will be swinging your deadly weapon as skillfully as a hula hoops artist in a circus! You don’t need to put your finger right on Alkekopter, so your finger won’t block your vision.

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4 types of power-ups will be dropping from the sky to help you overcome your enemies: Health, Bombard, Bonus Fireball and Slow-Time. (Yes, you can freeze the time in the game!)

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You also have a Nemesis that will keep haunting you. Not only he carries a chained fireball just like you do, but he can also steal the power-ups to empower himself! Don’t let that damned creature take the power-ups; especially Bombard won’t make you very happy if he ever captures it.

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A new boss is introduced to our game with the recent update: A giant skull that shows his love by launching fireballs at you!

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We also have a hi-score table where you can compete with other Alkekopter players in the world. Let your name be seen worldwide!


Our game is free to play in your mobile device or computer.


You can play this game in your web player. Or as a standalone game in Windows or Linux computer.

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Privacy policy

Alkekopter has an online high-score functionality that depends on the online (crypted and plain) data sent by game each time a session ends. I, Ahmet Kamil Keleş, hereby declare that this data solely consists of the score, the nickname that player typed and the combined hash of the preceding. The sole reason of hash cryptation is to prevent cheat and abuse of the high-score system. I, Ahmet Kamil Keleş, confirm that this app is widely distributable to all jurisdictions without government review, approval, license or technology-based restriction.