Aslan Game Studio was a team consisting of indie game developer Ahmet Kamil Keleş and the freelancer artists that he works with. It’s founded in Ankara, Turkey in 2014. The size of the team depended of the projects it’s developing. It got discontinued in 2021.

Ahmet Kamil Keleş, who was the founder of Aslan Game Studio and the only core member, has been developing games since his childhood. He graduated from Başkent University, Department of Computer Engineering. He is known for his horror games like Self, Clown House, Lost in the Nightmare, Lost Answers. It’s latest release was Pawn of the Dead, a chess based game.

Studio was built on the belief that video games are a form of art. Its motivation of gaining money was to finance the games it was developing and the better games it would develop in the future. Its another purpose was to make indie game sector in Turkey better, it values adding Turkish language support to its games.