As we had announced before, Aslan Game Studio will unfortunately be discontinued. But we will still release Pawn of the Dead for iOS and Android platforms on August 13th 2021, as we promised.

Pawn of the Dead is a chess variant with a unique mechanic: Black (undead) pieces turn White pieces into themselves! But don’t worry, all the levels are designed so that there is always a way to win.


  • Campaign mode with cinematics and 64 levels (not included in demo)
  • 3D characters with animations
  • Random level generator mode with hundreds of pre-generated levels
  • Classical chess mode
  • Queen vs Zombies game mode: Prevent zombie pawns from reaching to the other side of the board as White Queen
  • 2D mode
  • AI with 3 difficuly modes


Your mission as Leonard, the White King, is to protect the White Kingdom against the marching army of undead. Elona, the White Queen, is the best warrior in the kingdom, you won’t be able to succeed without her help. During your quest, you will face a sinister reflection from the past that you forgot a long time ago.