Self is a psychological horror adventure game about the nightmarish world of a self-loathing man. The game is like an espresso; short, but intense. The story is definitely for adults who can endure playing a game about self-harm.


“”Time” lost its meaning a long time ago.. And space, too. Between these four decaying walls, they became one with my soul.

Some things become meaningless when you hate yourself so much you want to die. Your accomplishments, loved ones, possessions… And who you are. All that remains now are your crimes and your disgrace. No pain you can inflict on yourself is strong enough to drown out your guilt.”


Right click changes the mouse interaction mode (Examine/Use).

Tab or “I” button opens your inventory.

Technical details

It’s made with pre-rendered 3D scenes (Source engine) and 2D game engine (Adventure Game Studio). 3D textures and models from leading Source games (Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Left 4 Dead) and FakeFactory Cinematic Mod are used while creating the rendered scenes. Garry’s Mod also has been quite useful.