Pawn of the Dead


“Some should have stayed dead!”


Pawn of the Dead is a chess based game. What makes it unique is its alternated rule: Black pieces are zombies. If a Black piece captures a White piece, the White piece turns into a Black one, making him/her a zombie!





We are creating high quality 3D models for pieces. They are created after their chess names. Bishops are actual bishops, for example. You will see an animated battle on your screen, like Battle Chess.




Pawn of the Dead has a campaign mode with about 50 levels. The White Kingdom is under attack by an army of undeads, it’s your duty to protect your kingdom as The White King. The story is supported by cinematics.


The other game mode is random level generation. We developed an algorithm that creates a level that’s possible to win, but difficult enough.



You can also play in 2D camera for speed.


Team consists of Ahmet Kamil Keleş (lead programmer & designer), Sercan Uysal (concept artist), Targo Sirol (3D models) and Uğurcan Orçun (musics). Also, meticulously picked out assets from the Unity Asset Store are utilized. Unity 3D is our game engine. The game will be released for Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), iOS, tvOS and Android.



  • Single-player campaign
  • Cutscenes for campaigns
  • Personalized chess pieces in the style of Battle Chess
  • Random level generation mode
  • 2D camera for whom wants a minimalist gameplay
  • 4 (or more) different environments

We hope to release the game in 2017. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.