Pawn of the Dead


“Some should have stayed dead!”

The grim world of Pawn of the Dead is witnessing the never-ending battle of White and Black, but in a very unusual way. Whenever a white piece is captured, he doesn’t die, but turns into a zombie and changes his side to Black! Black set consists of infectous zombies and necromancers in this story. Do the glorious troops of White Kingdom has a chance against the vicious Cult of Black Poison? It’s up to whom you choose!

Team consists of Ahmet Kamil Keleş (programmer,  lead designer), Sercan Uysal (concept artist) and Targo Sirol (3D models). Also, meticulously picked out assets from the Unity Asset Store are utilized. Unity 3D is our game engine (so you can expect a multiplatform game!).



  • Single-player campaigns for White and Black factions (with 50+ levels for each factions)
  • Cutscenes for campaigns
  • Personalized chess pieces in the style of Battle Chess
  • Random level generation mode
  • 2D camera for whom wants a minimalist gameplay
  • 4 (or more) different environments
  • Possibly, an online multiplayer mode


We are currently looking for a publisher who could help us promote our game!



Don't want the 3D view? Alright!

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