Pawn of the Dead 2018-10-16T17:34:38+00:00

Chess became unfair, like everything else!

Pawn of the Dead is a 3D computer/mobile game based on chess. Humans vs undeads. What makes it unique is its mechanic: When a Black (undead) piece captures a White piece, White piece turns into a Black one! But don’t worry, all the levels are designed so that you can always win the match.

We are preparing a campaign mode with cinematics and 64 levels. Your mission as Leonard, the White King, is to protect the White Kingdom against the marching army of undeads. Elona, the White Queen, is the best warrior in the kingdom, you won’t be able to succeed without her help. During your quest, you will face a sinister reflection that you forgot a long time ago.

Pawn of the Dead has a random level generator, it produces levels that are guaranteed you can beat. You can generate levels while playing either as White or Black. Yes, it’s possible to play as Black in this mode!


  • Fully animated 3D chess pieces
  • Campaign mode with 64 levels and cinematics
  • Random level generator mode (playable as either White or Black)
  • 4 environments
  • Also playable as 2D


Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS are the platforms the game will be released. We are planning an Early Access release on August 2018 on Steam. The full game will be available in Fall 2018 for Steam, then for iOS.